Types of Christmas Trees by The Christmas Tree Store

Types of Christmas Treeschristmas trees by The Christmas Tree Store.

Here at The Christmas Tree Store we love every type of Christmas Tree. Below are a few of your choices when it comes to finding the perfect Christmas Tree. Many of which are available right here at The Christmas Tree Store.

Real Christmas Trees: (Unfortunately not available at The Christmas Tree Store 🙂 )
Many people choose to go the route of a live tree for various reasons. Some prefer the appearance of a live tree while others simply crave the smell a real tree offers. Some people will always opt for a living tree because of the family traditions they grew up with. Memories of picking the perfect tree year after year with loved ones bring back nostalgia of one’s childhood. The choices for selecting a live tree are abundant with a variety of species available: Fraser Fir (*Always a favorite pick for it’s needle retention and good smell), Grand Fir, Noble Fir, Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, White Fir, Norway Spruce, Scotch Pine…

Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Trees:christmas trees (Available here at The Christmas Tree Store)

Easy, Easy, Easy! Tired of getting tangled up in a wad of lights and losing that “Christmas Spirit” before the first ornament is even hung? The Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Treechristmas trees is a great alternative to a real tree for several reasons. The quality and size of these trees vary and so does the price. Many people find this a wonderful hassle free option and money saver. It can be stored away and used year after year. The technology has improved over the years with life-like foliage and in some cases you have to actually feel the tree to see if it is real. Like real trees, you have a choice of species. You can even go with a white one!
Check back here soon for a list of Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Trees available from The Christmas Tree Store.

Upside Down Christmas Trees:christmas trees (Get yours here at The Christmas Tree Store)

This unique Christmas tree was first created for retail stores to hang delicate ornaments. It has been a Central European tradition dating back to the 12th Century. The unusual design was intended to free up floor space and enable the tree to be placed in a smaller space. Another advantage to the design of this inverted tree is that it makes the ornaments more visible and prevents them from being covered by the branches. Our upside down Christmas Trees will be available soon at The Christmas Tree Store.

Tabletop Christmas Trees: (Available at Abode Decor Gifts or The Christmas Tree Store.)

The tabletop Christmas tree is perfectly designed to accommodate smaller spaces. You can choose a live tree or artificial… whatever suits your fancy. They usually range in size from 6”- 36” in height and even come pre-decorated in some cases. They are great for small areas in a home, apartment, office, dorm…and a perfect choice for someone who likes the ease and convenience of decorating and storing their tree. If you go with a real tree, they may be planted after the holidays for year round enjoyment if your climate permits. Many of the beautiful artificial tabletop Christmas trees have a specific theme…more about those “themed” trees in an upcoming post. Promise! (See our new post on the special themed Tabletop Christmas Trees available at The Christmas Tree Store and Abode Decor Gifts.)

Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Trees:christmas trees (Find yours at The Christmas Tree Store)

These tabletop trees are usually vintage and purchased online as opposed to new. Prices will vary depending on how large the tree and how good the condition. I think most of us who are old enough can remember one of these at Grandmother’s house and that same tree may have even been passed down to you by now. This is absolutely the case in my house! It’s the painted green model and sports dozens of multi-colored plastic bulbs. Have not had a Christmas without it and hope I never do!

Do it Yourself Ceramic Christmas Trees:christmas trees (Sold here at The Christmas Tree Store)

Some companies market and sell a complete do-it-yourself ceramic tabletop Christmas tree kit with all the necessary supplieschristmas trees. Most packages include a ceramic table top tree, electric kit, plastic colored bulbs, paints, glazes, brushes, and even a plastic star. This might be the craft you and your family could do together and enjoy thru the years.

Thank you for reading and check back soon for more postings from The Christmas Tree Store.

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