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Themed Christmas Trees are our passion here at The Christmas Tree Store.

Decorating themed Christmas trees at the beginning of this most beloved Season sets the mood of the Holiday.  Your decision has probably already been made as to FAKE or FRESH from reading the first article on types of trees. You must not look at it as a chore, rather as creating a memory for years to come.

We all have a tendency to do the same thing over and over because it is the easiest.  Every year we drag out those red and green totes lovingly labeled:  LIGHTS (used one year),  STOCKINGS  and TREE SKIRT,  BEADS,GARLAND AND TREE TOPPER, BEST ORNAMENTS,  GLASS ORNAMENTS, UNBREAKABLE ORNAMENTS,  B.M. ORNAMENTS  (Before Marriage),  KIDS HOME MADE ORNAMENTS (School,  1st thru 4th grade, scouts, Sunday school. Be sure mice have not been nibbling on those varnished Ginger Bread Men.   And, by all means NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY.  Really, – your kids will never forgive you.

By the way, have the children  choose one “real special “ ornament to go on the BIG tree and let them have small themed Christmas trees of their very own for their room to decorate just how they want it.  (You might consider a Table Top Tree already decorated with their favorite toys.  These make great night lights and your children will drift off to sleep with visions of sugar plumbs dancing in their heads or maybe the last toy they saw at Target.)  Check out Abode Decor for their fun table top Christmas trees for children’s rooms.  They will look forward to lighting it up year after year. You also can purchase Abode Decor Gifts Tabletop Christmas Trees right here at The Christmas Tree Store. Just select a tree category in the left hand menu or visit our “store” page.

themed Christmas trees

Now, let your imagination run wild while reading these themed Christmas trees ideas for just a few Themed Trees.

Traditional Family Favorite Themed Christmas Trees:

At the Christmas Tree Store we are all about family. First, let’s not forget about those red and green totes. Family collectibles offer warm and cozy feelings of Christmases past.   Each ornament has its own story.  By all means use them.  Shine ‘um up (a little bit of Windex works wonders) and attach a skinny ribbon for hanging.  Make it fresh by changing up the colors with new ribbon of different widths.  Use some of the new prints, polka dots, stripes, plaids, but always stay within the same color range and if using vivid colors, keep it vivid, soft shades, keep it soft.  Buy new wired ribbon (at least 3” to 6”wide) for a big fat bow on the top and a few streamers to tuck in branches. For more ideas on Traditional Family Favorites please visit Abode Decor Gifts and read more of our blog posts here at The Christmas Tree Store.


The Natural Themed Christmas Trees:

Love the outdoors?  Well, bring it indoors where it is warm.  Collect a few small birdhouses, (not too heavy if using a live tree) and some realistic feathered friends.  In the fall go out and pick up newly fallen pine cones and spray with clear varnish.

Use cranberries (fresh or artificial) strung on thread for garland and wooden beads.  Use raffia for hanging pine cones and any other natural ornaments you will run across.  You can also add some dried flowers. The key is all natural. Wrap gifts in craft paper or unfinished boxes from Craft Store.  Tie with raffia or string. If you are still daydreaming about the outdoors you will enjoy our tabletop outdoor themed Christmas Trees by Abode Decor Gifts. You can shop for them at Abode Decor Gifts or right here at The Christmas Tree Store.

I always use a fresh Frasier tree I bring home from N. C. on top on my Jeep.  I keep it decorated until New Year and still find it hard to part with, so I take off all decorations and move it to my deck.  Still in the stand with water, I throw on some bird seed and everyone enjoys.  It is still green when I take it down in February.

themed Christmas trees

Our Vacation Themed Christmas Trees:

If you are a traveler you probably have already been collecting ornaments.  There are Christmas sections in gift shops year round for you to pick up something special to remind you of the trip.  Buy some extra postcards and mail to yourself to hang on the tree along with a few pix you took.  Hopefully each year you will have another wonderful vacation to add.  Bon voyage from The Christmas Tree Store and Abode Decor Gifts!

The Wedding Themed Christmas Trees:

This is my personal favorite.  My daughter and I did this one for her wedding.  We started collecting ornaments a year before the wedding when shops were reducing their Christmas inventory.  The best ones I found were at the Florist.  We found Chrystal cherub’s, bells, oyster shells with a pearl inside, doves and large clear glass ornaments that looked like bubbles.


Everything was very delicate and crystal clear.  We used white pearl garland, tulle and sheer wired white ribbon (another big fat bow on top). Lots and lots of mini white lights made the crystal ornaments and sheer ribbon shimmer like ice and snow.  We placed it inside the very eloquent entrance foyer and the guests who brought gifts to the reception put them under the tree. Find many more unique ideas for your special occasion at Abode Decor Gifts Special Occasions page or right here at The Christmas Tree Store Special Occasions page.

themed Christmas trees

I certainly hope this gave you a couple new ideas to “jump start” your creative thinking toward something a little different and exciting this year.  Have fun with your themed Christmas Trees!!!

From your friends at The Christmas Tree Store Blog.


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