Country Kitchen Tabletop Tree

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Country Kitchen Tabletop Christmas Tree

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You can practically smell the delicious aroma of country cooking in this quaint replica of a warm and cozy kitchen! Our Tabletop Christmas Treestands 18” tall and is mounted on a solid wood base featuring miniature white lights. You will feel right at home as you get busy cooking lots of delicious treats on your cast iron stove. Grab your favorite recipes and let’s get baking!

Are you are looking for something exciting to add to your own decor or searching for a unique gift? Look no further. You have found it! Our handmade Country Kitchen themed Tabletop Christmas Tree is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys country cooking and living! It is great to have such a special gift they will enjoy using year round. This lighted decoration also serves as a wonderful night light for any kitchen. We have created each one of these miniature Tabletop Christmas Trees one at a time paying close attention to every detail.

Each Tabletop Christmas Tree base is made of solid wood, hand sanded, and stained two-toned. The edge around the base has been polyurethaned as a final step to give the edge a glossy finished touch. Our tree is trimmed with a string of miniature electric white lights that will add a festive glow to any room.

Our Tabletop Christmas Tree is complete with a cast iron stove, wooden table, copper kettle and pots, bucket of wood, and a realistic baking scene.

This Tabletop Christmas Tree will be cherished for years to come!


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