Artificial Christmas Trees offer many advantages:

Artificial Christmas Trees offer many advantages:

Here at The Christmas Tree store we love the tradition of putting up our many Christmas trees each year. But it can be a lot of hard work. With the hard work can come the fed up feeling of blowing hard earned cash each year for a fresh, real Christmas tree. They can be hard to transport and produce a large pile of pine needles in the house. If frustration is finding you this year, it really is the moment to think about getting an Artificial Christmas Tree.

Are you still holding on to the thought of a real tree being simply better than an Artificial Christmas Tree? There’s a chance you’re convinced that an artificial tree may seem unattractive or phony looking? Yet if you do a quick search of what the industry is offering, you could be amazed at everything you discover and how well it fits your budget and lifestyle.

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Artificial Christmas Trees will not be for everybody, so we won’t blame you for choosing the more common real tree, nevertheless individuals who are frustrated ought to search a bit further into a booming industry with some very realistic models. You don’t have to look much further than a quick search of artificial Christmas Trees on amazon to see just how realistic they can me.

Often the neat thing regarding getting an artificial Christmas Tree is you simply end up with a wide range available over going with the real tree. It is possible to pick from differing heights, coming from about 4 ft tall up to as high as 10 ft plus. Choose from a wide flocked body artificial Christmas tree or a slim body tree. You can select one with all white lights or multi-colored. Artificial trees mimic all the popular tree species as well. From Pine to Fir, you can purchase an artificial Christmas tree to suit whatever your taste is.

Artificial Christmas Trees look very similar to the real trees that they mimic, sometimes it’s hard to tell by appearance if it is real or artificial, only it won’t be constantly dropping needles and it won’t have a need for constant watering. Real trees also come with the chore of trying to get a full size tree home on top of your car, a good possibility that they will be brown and dead before Christmas day and a dangerous risk of fire.

Artificial Christmas Trees range in price from $100 to $700, but if you consider what you spend each year for a real tree, you could be getting many more years of use from an artificial Christmas Tree for less cost than a new real tree each year. The price ultimately depends on the quality and size of the tree, but I would encourage you to spend enough money to get a well made, realistic looking artificial Christmas Tree. Keep in mind you will be taking this tree up and down each year and storing it in your basement or attic for 11 months at a time. It needs to be able to withstand the yearly wear and tear.

My ultimate point is that you need to weigh the facts before choosing a tree this year. Taking into consideration the how realistic the new Artificial Christmas Trees have become, how safe they are in regards to fires, how cost effective and long lasting they are compared to a real tree, I feel you get much more bang for your buck than cutting down a real tree each year, paying for it each year and then throwing it away each year, only to start the whole process over 11 months later.

Here at The Christmas Tree Store we hope to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right tree for you and your family. And hope that it provides you a forest full of holiday joy for years and years to come.

Thank you for reading, shopping, and supporting your friends at The Christmas Tree trees


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